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KahaniDhara (Quartely Literary Magazine)
Registrad Under the Press and Ragistration of Book Act. 1867 Government of India
Registration Number of the Magazine :PUN PUN/2006/19971
ISSN :2321-4449
Firms M/s Kahani Dhara No. 3825of 2014-15
Registrar of Firms &Societies Punjab, Registration under India Partnership Act.1932
Publisher's, Printer, Owner's & Editor Bhagwant Rasulpuri
Editor's: Bhagwant Rasulpuri.

The quarterly literary magazine KahaniDhara has been consistently being published in Punjabi for the last eight years. It has completed its Ten years. This magazine is registered with Registrar of Newspapers for India (No. PUN PUN 03559/19/1/2006-TC)4-6-07 on 04-06-07, and has been allotted ISSN 2321-4449 on 6th June, 2013. The first issue of this magazine was published in April-June, 2006. It has earned a good recognition among the readers of Punjabi literature for its quality matter in the field of Punjabi literature, culture and criticism. Many renowned writers of Punjabi(SahityaAcadamy and GyanPeeth Award winners too), like- Gurdyal Singh, PremParkash, Jaswant Singh Kamwal, Baldev Singh, ManmohanBawa, MittarSen Meet, TejwantMaan, Rajneesh Bahadur Singh, JaswinderKaurBindra write for our magazine.The matter we publish is of humanistic nature, high literary standard and beneficial for the readers, research scholars, and the teachers of Punjabi literature. It is widely read in the libraries of colleges and universities.

Primarily stories, butmeetings with critics, writers and sociolinguists, and translated literature and articles, get space in this magazine. Along with this, we also publish an inter-disciplinary column Jan Bodh, which reflects intellectually on Sociology, history, culture, and psychology of the people. New and widely discussed books are also pondered over by famous critics in it. Special bulky sized issues on some special subjects are also published twice a year.